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Start Spring Right with this Recipe for Wellness

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Recipe for Wellness

· Be kind and gentle with thyself.

· Take time to recognize your cycles.

· Be still. Be silent.

· Stretch. Get to know your body.

· Be radical.

· Add discipline to your life.

· Believe in something, know what your spiritual beliefs are and incorporate them into your day.

· Become healthier as you age. Every moment that passes is an opportunity for change.

· Exercise your brain.

· Hold things sacred within you.

· Simplify.

· Dare, “Fate loves the Fearless”

· Use your energy. Be sensitive.

· Welcome Change.

· Listen to your body and your intuition.

· Remember that it is never too late to begin.

I wish you health and happiness.

Dr. Kathleen Mercer, BSc ND

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