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We are Here to Support You

Health for Life Naturopathic Doctors


Kathleen Mercer BScND and Tanya Obrien BScND

are available for online bookings as needed to support our current patients as well as welcome any new patients.  We are also here to support the community as needed and continue to share helpful and pertinent information about our Newfoundland community health and resources available.


What we can offer:

  • Answer questions and prepare a personal plan for you and your family with consideration of immune health and to support you in your social distancing and/or isolation.

  • Help develop strategies to deal with stress and anxiety that may be surfacing at this time.

  • Take this time to evaluate and create a personal plan for your long-term health and health goals.  Now that we have time, perhaps it is a good opportunity to look at the big picture of your own personal health and make positive change.


To connect with us through our continued Winterholme Wellness Center bookings, you can email or book online via


Covered under private health insurance

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