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Naturopathic Support during Relationship Stress


This support program is for people dealing with relationship stress,  relationship change, desire for relationship improvement as well as staying healthy through relationship breakdown.
This is a one-on-one support opportunity that can include working through hard times, communication strategies, empowering and healing through infidelity, and consideration of separation and divorce. The goal is to find peace and resolution for what is currently going on in your relationship.
This program is offered via skype, facetime and phone as needed.  It will also include email direction and support.  Includes an initial 1 hour intake appointment, 4 x 45 minute weekly appointments and regular email availability for updates, questions, support.  Extra appointments can be booked as needed for dealing with new situations or difficult days.
When there is relationship stress, it can be an extremely difficult time.  Many people are dealing with sadness, anger, heartache, confusion, and anxiety all while trying to keep life together on the outside.  Often, this is a very lonely and isolating time.  It is also a time where sleep, nutrition, and general self care are affected.   

 What is offered through Naturopathic Support: 

  • Guidance for the basics of self care including nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplements. 

  • Troubleshooting with you as needed for new situations as they arise in the relationship.

  • Reflection on clarity of thinking, processing and strategies chosen.

  • Empowering and support after being hurt.

  • Grounding and stability when things are difficult.

  • Keeping you accountable to your goals and plans.

  • A sounding board.

  • Advice and reflection on communication strategies.

  • Help to move past hurt and develop healthy relationship patterns regardless of the direction the relationship will take.

  • Help strategize separation and divorce if needed and encourage and support healthy co-parent relationships. 

  • Help to keep you healthy through unhealthy times.

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A helping hand can go a long way when life gets tangled
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