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Best You Program 2020

I love a new year!  I consider this time of year, personally, to be a reflective time.  I get excited about the year to come and like to take this transition of the year to implement new habits and goals for a fresh new year ahead.  While at the same time reflecting on the year that has passed. 


Although I spend most of my time professionally as a Naturopathic Doctor in my Clinic at Winterholme in St Johns working with individuals dealing with a variety of health concerns, I also love working with people who feel generally well, however have a craving to live and feel better.  This could include evaluating physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, relationship, household, family, and professional parts of our lives.


If this is attractive to you, please get in touch via email and I can give you more information about my 8 week, individual, one on one program for The Best You 2020.


I would like to get in the first session of intake, assessment and goal setting before Jan 1.  There are a few time slots available to do that so I can then have your plan ready to implement once the new year starts.  Many people still have insurance coverage left over for this year, therefore good to get these big appointments in now.


This program is offered online to accommodate people across Newfoundland and Labrador.


Contact Dr Kathleen Mercer BScND at healthforlifenl@me.com for further information.

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