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 A natural approach to your family's health care 

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It's Time to Start the New Year Right

Looking to clean out your 'internal junk drawer'? Detoxing is a gentle yet effective way to clear your thoughts, lose a few pounds, decrease your pain and swelling and get back to feeling great! Dr. KathleenMercer ND will be leading the group on a 2 week journey to better health. Group settings allow you to feel supported, help you stay accountable and are a great way to bond with others going through the same journey. This group is meant to be fun, light, informative and enjoyable. Click the link below to join us. See you there!  

It has been a long and weary 2 years.  With the hopes of returning to some sort of new normal, it is a good time to put together a plan and strategize what a new normal will look like for you. This 8 week program is developed to help support people to transition into the next life phase after what we have all been through as a community.

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Relationship Support

Both Dr. Kathleen Mercer BScND and Dr. Tanya O'Brien BScND are available for online bookings  to support our current patients and to welcome any new patients.  We are here to support the community as needed and continue to share helpful and pertinent information about our Newfoundland community health and any resources available. Appointments can be online, over the phone or in person and are strictly confidential.

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Want to order supplements online?

Fullscript is an online dispensary used by health care professionals, offering the safest source for professional-grade supplements. Feel free to sign in and order quality, ND approved supplements.

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