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As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) I have the privilege of hearing thousands of people tell me intimate details about their health and lifestyle. With every patient that walks through the door there is a story that follows them; a story that I try to piece together, like a jigsaw puzzle. It helps me understand why they are dealing with whatever ailment that brought them in. 

One of the first questions I ask them is “why they believe they have the signs and symptoms they have” and I am saddened when I hear time and time again, “Well, I am over 40 so I guess my health just got worse.” They say this as if the body is now ‘broken’ and that it starts malfunctioning once you hit 40 (or 50 or whatever age you happen to be at). I don’t buy it, I never have and never will. 

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Both Dr. Kathleen Mercer BScND and Dr. Tanya O'Brien BScND are available for online bookings  to support our current patients and to welcome any new patients.  We are here to support the community as needed and continue to share helpful and pertinent information about our Newfoundland community health and any resources available. All appointments are on line or over the phone and strictly confidential.

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